Maxicon Container Line

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Mekaail Shipping PVT LTD is an exclusive agent of Maxicon Container Line in Pakistan i.e. one of the leading NVOCCs in SOUTH EAST ASIA and INDIAN SUB-CONTINENT with active presence in Middle East and Upper Gulf. This milestone was achieved after years and years of back office work and repute earned since inception. Today we are regarded as a reputed shipping agent and every passing year helps us grow little more.

Maxicon Container Line serves over 60 locations across Asia ‐ China on the far‐east, north and Iraq on the Far West. Maxicon rides on the success of India, the prosperity of China, the Petro dollar economies of the Persian Gulf, the emerging strengths of South Asian countries, the inherent talents & simplicities in the people of Bangladesh, the precious produce of the people of Myanmar, the centrality of Srilanka and the emerging trade bridge of Pakistan with India. We aim to share our prosperity in the regions we operate through our honest services.